Where Our Love Grows (2004)

Universal International
CD - UICE-1080 (JPN)
CD - Unknown (Europe)
CD - 07243 4734182 3 (DE)
Released on April 28

(Originally set for March 23 2004 release)

Management Geoff Kite - Nagazhi. -

Thank You Kun Kim for running a great website.

Corinne and Andy would like to thank - Geiff Kite, Brian Carr, Kun Kim, Bill Coleman, David Millman, Jamie Spencer, Richard Bonner-Morgan, Robert Scott, Antonio Andolini, Gersende Giorgio, Celine Palavioux, Stephanine De Skyes, Jill Tattersall and Emma at Keishi.

Out Team at Universal Japan - including Kazu Koike, Hiroshi Aono, Toshio 'Cashbox' Kanehako, Atsushi Fukatami, Hideaki Yasuda, Mamoru Yasuda, Takashi Ogi, Kenji Saiki, Yukiko Takahashi and Yuko Oda All at Fuji Pacific - including Aki Morishita and Akira Tsukahara Thank you for your love and inspiration - Polly Pollock, J Page Porazzo and Edna Drewery

...and everyone who helped in the making of this album Paul would like to say thank you to - my father Michael O'Duffy (1918-2003) Belinda for putting up with me, Isabella and Amelia forgetting their dad, Allen Jacobs for all your invaluable publishing experience and Bracken the collie for always giving me a warm welcome home

Sleeve Design - Richard Bonner-Morgan
Photography - James Martin

Swing Out Sister PO BOX 3698 London N16 9NE

Corinne Drewery - Lead Vocals

Andy Connell - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Organ, Vibraphone, Fender Jazz Bass, Keyboards and Synthesizers

Paul Staveley O'Duffy - Computer Sequencing, Rhythm Percussion and all performance programming

Matt Backer - Guitar
Tim Cansfield - Guitar
Luis Jardim - Percussion
Nigel Hitchcock - Saxophone
Gina Foster - Additional Vocals
Gersende Giorgio - Additional Vocals
Corinne, Andy and Paul - Vocal Ensembl

Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Paul Staveley O'Duffy

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Aurora Studios London England

With thanks to Nina at The Strongroom, Steve at Pierce, Henry at Milo

All tracks Published by Miso Music / Fuji Pacific / EMI
except track 3, Published by Miso Music / Fuji Pacific / EMI / Universal
and track 4, Published by Miso Music / Fuji Pacific / EMI / Windswept

Track 3 contains a sample of the recording "I Can See Only You"
as performed by Roger Nichols & The Small Circle of Friends.
Courtesy of A&M Records under license from Universal Music Enterprises Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Track 4 features samples from the Herbie Mann recording
"Don't Say I Didn't Tell You So".
Produced Under License From Atlantic Recording Corp.
By arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing

Universal International, A UNIVERSAL MUSIC COMPANY
Marketed & Distributed by UNIVERSAL MUSIC K.K.