Live In Tokyo (2005)

Released on April 3

(Released during the 2005 tour at the Jazz Cafe.) Retail release was on August 23 2005

Produced by Andy Connell & David Millward
Swing Out Sister 2005 *

Vocals: Corinne Drewery
Backup vocals: Dee Clay
Keyboard: Andy Connell
Guitar: Tim Cansfield
Bass: Juneroi
Drums: Chris Bailey
Percussion: Jody Linscott

Note: There are two version of this album however, they are both identical except for the cover art. Originally, the album had a graphic of Corinne's silhouette on a gold colored background. It came in a cardboard sleeve and was primarily sold directly from SOS via the web or at their concerts. The retail version or "official" release had a photo of Corinne that was taken at the Canal Room (NYC) by Peter Paradise packaged in a standard CD jewel case.