Filth And Dreams (1999)

Mercury Music Entertainment
CD - PHCR-1015 (JPN)
Released on May 17

Many thanks to the following for their enthusiasm, inspiration & creative input (some audible, some not!) Alex Abramoff, Kazu Yanagida, Nobu Yoshinari and everyone at Mercury Music Japan, Bas Hartong, Eileen Cleary, Majorie Greenspan & all at Mercury U.S., Dixiana Rubio, Maria Pagani, Mary Edwards, Bennett Freed, Ali Wolfe, Nick Young, Scott Howland, Annie Holloway, Brian Carr, Jane Holloway, Robin Macmillan, Sue Pollock, Miriam Gottlieb, Derick Johnson, Vicki Shields, Aki Morishita, Page Porrazzo, Sally Perryman, Fran Malyan, Alan Jacobs, Pat Lucas & all at EMI Music Publishing, Massy Hayashi & all at H.I.P., Sergio Della Monica, Gigi Canu, Gerry Creamer.....hope we haven't forgotten anybody, Corinne & Andy xxxxxxxx

Sleeve designed by Yoshinori Kishi

Swing Out Sister managed by Bennett Freed at One Love
Swing Out Sister can be contacted at P.O. Box No. 3698 London N69NE
Other Notes:
Corinne Drewery: Lead vocals / Drum programming on 3
Andy Connell: Fender Jazz Bass / Hammond C3 / Paiste hi-hats / Acoustic guitar / Keyboards & synthesizers
Tim Cansfield: Electric guitar on 5 & 7
Background Vocals: Andy, Paul, Tim, Corinne
Computer programming & sequencing: Paul Stavely O'Duffy
Produced & mixed by Paul Stavely O'Duffy
Photography by James Martin