Beautiful Mess (2008)

CD - Shanachie 5776 (US)
Released on February 27

Originally released in Japan. Subsequent releases followed later in August 8 2008 (UK) and March 3 2009 (SE.) It eventually hit the US on May 19 2009.

No liner notes are included in the sleeve originally released directly by Swing Out Sister. Note: The original CD sleeve contains a typo directing the site to instead of

A special double disc version of "Beautiful Mess" was released in March 2009 which includes their previous release "Live In Tokyo."

The US release (May 2009) contains two additional tracks, Something Every Day (Late Night Studio Take) and Breakout (Late Night Studio Take) with a minor track list change. Something Everyday (Little Wizard Mix) and Butterfly (Little Wizard Mix) have been flipped for this release. The audio player above reflects the US track order.

Notes from the retail release:

Swing Out Sister are Corinne Drewery and Andy Connell
All tracks writeen by Andy Connell / Corinne Drewery except
Butterfly, Something Every Day & My State of Mind written by
Andy Connell / Corinne Drewery / Gina Foster
Secret Love (You're Invisible) written by Hajime Uchiyama / Corrine Drewery

Corinne Drewery - lead vocals
Andy Connell - musical arrangement
With a little help from our friends...
Gina Foster and the Champagnettes - all additional vocals
Tim Cansfield - guitars
Jody Linscott - percussion
Gersende Giorgio - vocals

Produced and mixed by Andy Connell
Mastered by David Millward
Recorded and mixed at Aurora Studios, London

Management Jamie Spencer at Liberation Management
Photography by James Martin
Sleeve design by Yoshiaki Kayaki

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way, including Gersende Giorgio for good vibes and advice, Gina Foster for time and love, Jamie Spencer, Kaz Utsunomiya, all at Avex Japan including Sig Fujita, Hidehiro Ishii, Akiko Ihara, Asako Tsuchiya, Risa Uzushiri

All tracks copyright control