February 2013

Private View With Tokyo Stories Available In The US
Posted on February 08 by Kun

If you missed out on the direct sale of Private View, wasn't willing to pay the import price or just need another copy to introduce Swing Out Sister to your friends, you're in luck. The CD has now hit the US shores in a special CD+DVD package which includes Tokyo Stories. Private View is a collection of some re-imaginings of some of Corinne & Andy's recent tracks that was released as a special tour only release. Tokyo Stories is a full length video showcasing one of Swing Out Sister's concerts in Japan not too long ago. You can pick up both for a great price of about $20 on Amazon.com.

This is a great and must have addition to any Swing Out Sister collection!

Private View + Tokyo Stories DVD from Amazon.com: Private View ( Special Deluxe CD + DVD)


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New iPhone App Available On the App Store
Posted on February 08 by Kun

There's a new Swing Out Sister app available on the Apple App Store from the work of our own Andy Connell. It provides updates, videos, music clips and photos. It's free and available now.

Swing Out Sister App
Swing Out Sister App


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January 2013

Forums On My Mind
Posted on January 21 by Kun

I've been contemplating the state of the forums in the last few weeks and I've decided to temporarily suspend registration until further notice. There's too many spambots consuming time and energy to keep the forum free of spammers that would spoil it for everyone. So, if you have registered recently and have not been able to access the forums, please send me a direct email so I can find and activate your account.

I truly apologize for inconvenience.


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November 2012

Signed Copy of Tokyo Stories Available Through Facebook
Posted on November 23 by Kun

Swing Out Sister has officially kicked off the holiday shopping season by offering an autographed region-free version of Tokyo Stories through Facebook. It's only £12 (including shipping and handling.) If you have a copy of the DVD, why not get a signed one for your collection? This is bound to be limited so hurry and get your copy! Just a warning, you do need a Facebook account and to sign up with Lish in order to purchase.

Link: Facebook


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October 2012

A Quick Chat With Andy
Posted on October 07 by Kun

Andy did a recent QA session with Aurora Studios. He reflects on his early days and how he got here. It's a fun and light read.

Link: Aurora Studio Weblog


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Tokyo Stories Available On Amazon
Posted on October 07 by Kun

For those who have been waiting for the US release, Tokyo Stories will be available from Amazon starting this Tuesday. If you're an avid SOS fan, you must buy. I'm sure this will become hard to find in the coming months. Amazon has priced it at $29.99.

Tokyo Stories US release

Link: Tokyo Stories On Amazon


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August 2012

Stream All The Private View Tracks Now On Soundcloud
Posted on August 23 by Kun

Corinne and co. have made their latest album available on Soundcloud. Their previously unreleased tracks "Breakout (Fabulous Party Mix)" and "Now You're Not Here (Taj Calder Instrumental)" are there too. Stream to your heart's content now!


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Tokyo Stories Available In Japan
Posted on August 11 by Kun

A little late to the story but Swing Out Sister Tokyo Stories is available in Japan. This is a live recording of one of the concerts in Japan from 2010. You can purchase it on CD Japan but be aware that this is a region 2 disc. This will not play on US based DVD players unless it's region free.

Here's a quick peek at one of the bonus videos of "Kiss My Petals Open"

Buy it: CD Japan Online


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July 2012

It’s Better To Travel 25th Anniversary Gets Some More Tracks
Posted on July 02 by Kun

The previously announce 25th anniversary release of "It's Better To Travel" has undergone some track changes for the better. They have added 5 additional tracks, Breakout (A New Rockin' Version), Surrender (Roadrunner Mix), Fooled By A Smile (12" Mix) and Blue Mood (Growler Mix) and Breakout (Horny Version).

If you're a diehard, you'll have these tracks available spread across their discography. But if you're not, here's a great way to listen to some of their b-sides and remixes.

Source: The Second Disc

Thanks Motty!


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June 2012

A Sampling Of Swing Out Sister Over The Years
Posted on June 14 by Kun

Lilitu23 from the forums has a link to a 2 hour podcast called "No Such Program" which featured various Swing Out Sister songs from over the years. If you want your Swing Out Sister fix, get it here!

No Such Program Podcast for June 10 2012

Playlist gives song title followed by album title and release date.

Breakout - It's Better To Travel - 1987
Time Tracks You Down - Beautiful Mess - 2008

Erica In The Air Vents - Les Etrangers (Original Soundtrack) - 2009

Somewhere In The World - Shapes And Patterns - 1997
Let The Stars Shine - Where Our Love Grows - 2004
Forever Blue - Kaleidoscope World - 1989
When The Laughter Is Over - Where Our Love Grows - 2004
Here And Now - Shapes And Patterns - 1997
Am I The Same Girl - Get In Touch With Yourself - 1992
Closer Than The Sun - Filth And Dreams - 1999
Waiting Game - Kaleidoscope World - 1989
All In Your Mind / O Pesadelo Dos Autores - The Living Return - 1994
Heart For Hire - Kaleidoscope World - 1989

Helicopter Jump - Les Etrangers (Original Soundtrack) - 2009

Incomplete Without You - Get In Touch With Yourself - 1992
World Out Of Control - Filth And Dreams - 1999
Love Won't Let You Down - Where Our Love Grows - 2004
Something Out Of This World - Shapes And Patterns - 1997
Through The Sky - Somewhere Deep In The Night - 2001
Somewhere Deep In The Night / The Vital Thing - Somewhere Deep In The Night - 2001
Where The Hell Did I Go Wrong - Somewhere Deep In The Night - 2001
Where Do I Go - Somewhere Deep In The Night - 2001
Out There - Beautiful Mess - 2008

Onto The Island - Les Etrangers (Original Soundtrack) - 2009

Better Make It Better - The Living Return - 1994
Twilight World (Superb, Superb Mix) - It's Better To Travel - 1987

Seduction - Les Etrangers (Original Soundtrack) - 2009


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