April 2014

A Movable Feast
Posted on April 04 by Kun

Swing Out Sister - Pledge Intro from sosister on Vimeo.

Swing Out Sister latest project is being created now through pledgemusic.com. If you're not familiar with Pledge Music, you can think of Pledge Music as the Kickstarter of the music industry.

Swing Out Sister is offering two levels: Digital download of their album/project with exclusive updates on the Pledge Music site for £8 ($13) or the digital download, updates and a signed CD for £20 ($33)

Support them today and get some sweet SOS tunes in return!


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January 2014

Swing Out Sister Archive
Posted on January 07 by Kun

A collection of rare press kits and articles that you may not have even known existed over the decades have been carefully scanned and uploaded by Lansure. Take a trip down 80's lane here: http://lansuresmusicparaphernalia.blogspot.nl/2013/09/swing-out-sister-press-kits-discography.html


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September 2013

Signed Albums Available For Purchase
Posted on September 17 by Kun

Swing Out Sister has made a batch of albums available for sale on their Facebook store.

"Turns out we have some very limited supplies of signed copies of the Shapes & Patterns and Filth & Dreams CDs - only 50 of each - which we've just made available at the SOS online store for £10 each, inclusive of shipping. Also, even more limited supplies of the Tokyo Stories DVD, again for £10.. (I think we were down to the last ten copies last time I looked).. - Andy"

If you want in on this opportunity to purchase autographed copies, hurry now!

Store: https://www.facebook.com/swingoutsister?sk=app_251458316228&app_data


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May 2013

More Dates and Venues Announced!
Posted on May 17 by Kun

Swing Out Sister has posted their full list, so far, of dates for the US tour on Facebook. The bad news is that they've mentioned that they are less likely to be on the west coast this time around.

The full list is as follows:

July 2nd - Chicago, House of Blues
July 3rd - Detroit, Chene Park
July 6th - Ontario, Blue Mountain
July 7th - Alexandria, Birchmere
July 8th - Annapolis, Ram's Head
July 9th - New York, B.B. Kings
July 12th- Norfolk, Infinity Hall
July 16th- Atlanta, Variety Playhouse
July 17th- Boca Raton, Jazziz Nightlife
July 18th- Boca Raton, Jazziz Nightlife

All details are posted in the Shows section of the site. More shows will be posted as they come around.


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Chicago and Atlanta, Get Ready!
Posted on May 15 by Kun

Swing Out Sister is landing in Chicago and Atlanta July 2nd and July 16th respectively. Chicago (House of Blues) was just announced as a second midwest destination for those out west and in the south, you'll have the Variety Playhouse to get your Swing Out Sister fill.

This is probably the largest US tour SOS has planned in many, many years. Make it out to these shows and see them live if you can!


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Swing Out Sister Heads To Canada
Posted on May 06 by Kun

Swing Out Sister will be attending the Jazz On The Mountain At Blue festival July 6th in Ontario, Canada! Tickets are $60 for a double bill scheduled for 8PM. If you're one of the many fans who have been asking Swing Out Sister to come to Canada, here's your chance to see them!

For tickets, go to the Jazz On The Mountain At Blue website.


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April 2013

Swing Out Sister On the Huffington Post
Posted on April 30 by Kun

Corrine and Andy has a nice write up on the Huffington post today. Take a read on some of their thoughts on music and how they're still relevant today.

Read: A Private View Into the Life of ... Swing Out Sister?!


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Three Concert Dates Announced!
Posted on April 18 by Kun

It's better posted late then never but 3 dates have been announced for the US! So far there are July dates only.

July 3 - Chene Park, Detroit, MI
July 7 - Birchmere, Alexandria, VA
July 9 - B.B. Kings, New York, NY

All concert details can be found under Shows! Book tickets now!


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Swing Out Sister Guest DJ Session Online
Posted on April 18 by Kun

Corinne did a great DJ set back on March 22 for The Source. You can now listen to the entire set and some informative narration by Corinne herself! Take a listen!


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February 2013

Hints Of US Appearances
Posted on February 08 by Kun

I'm excited to announce that Swing Out Sister is in the planning to have some US concerts this year! There are no details or locations set yet but check back with swingoutsister.com, Twitter and Facebook for the latest news for 2013!


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